Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time To Try Something New

Life and stress have been taking their toll on me. I am ashamed to say I have gained back all that I lost prior to my wedding plus some. I have been trying to find inspiration and my way in general the last few months. I have been feeling lost in general and not just in regards to my weight. Pretty much every day, if not several times per day, I would watch one particular YouTube video. It went viral a while back, and I loved it. I still find it so inspirational.

I keep telling myself that if Arthur could do it, I could. I have had so much trouble finding time to get to the gym. After taking my husband to work since we have one car, working, picking him up and dealing with traffic I was spent for the day. I didn't want to drive back across town to go to my preferred gym location and swim. The location I go to is the only one that has a pool. So something needed to change.

One night after watching Arthur's video I decided to start reading more about DDP Yoga. I like yoga anyways and something lower impact would be good for me. Well a few weeks back and bit the bullet. I bought one of the combo packs to try and see how it goes. Marshall has even said he is willing to give it a shot.

It has been a week and I have worked out every day so far. The workouts are awesome. I think the longest one is 40 minutes. Most are around 25-35 minutes. It is very easy for me to work that in to my day. And while I am not a wrestling fan and all that, I like DDP's style. Do whatever you can and just keep trying. You will get better and stronger and be able to do more. And I am!

I am getting into positions easier, holding them deeper, having better balance and getting my hear rate into the zone easier with each work out.

On the TeamDDP website they encourage you to take beginning photos just to show yourself how far you have come. I have taken them and at some point I may share them here. I don't know. I am ashamed and embarrassed to look at them. But it is motivation for me to make myself healthier.