Monday, January 30, 2017

Showing progress

Back in September I really started working out more consistently. I decided I needed to do something, and stop putting off things. I know I have a hard time getting up first thing in the morning. I also know that after I get home at night I won't do anything. I have a very hard time motivating myself. So I decided that I would try going on my lunch breaks. The gym I belong to is close so it works with my schedule well.

I had a couple sessions with a trainer to get a good strength training circuit going along with all my cardio. It has been going really well. I started out doing dumbbell presses with 15 pounds and am up to 20. Overhead presses with a free barbell I started at 20 and am up to 35! I started using a 20 pound kettlebell for squats and swings and up to a 30 pounder. I can go up to a 35 pound bell if I am feeling motivated.

Not long after I got on a roll I started thinking about my company's Christmas party and what I was going to wear. I really really wanted to wear a purple dress that I have, but the last time I wore it was before Marshall and I got married and I was 50 pounds lighter. I knew I couldn't lose 50 pounds in 3 months, but *maybe* I could tone up enough with strength training to get into it. I figured if I didn't get into it I was that much closer to getting into it, and I would wear a different dress that I have.

I got into the dress!


It didn't fit absolutely perfectly, but that's ok. I still felt beautiful and had a lot of fun at the party.

I ended up losing 5 pounds through the holidays of which I am incredibly proud. I have had a few ups and downs with the new year. I have discovered that I tend to retain water from my strength training workouts and to not do them the day before I weigh in. I end up feeling horrible and beating myself up when I have no reason to. I annoy myself sometimes. I really do.

Today at the gym while doing kettlebell swings I noticed that my shirt wasn't as snug. I am also starting to get more toning in my calves and see definition. This made me giddy happy because I love seeing the little bits of definition in my biceps and deltoid. I have been sporadically taking progress photos and took one today. I can really see a difference! I have a hard time day to day seeing a difference and today I really could. Marshall tells me almost every day, but I know he is biased ;)

I see it most in my belly in these pictures. But I am stronger, moving better and sleeping better. I'm not going to argue.

And again, to whichever reader suggested the Half Size Me podcast and community, thank you. I love the podcasts and community.