Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long week

I really had meant to post this earlier this week, but to say that this week was a long one is putting it mildly. I had several very long and trying days at work which always makes things...interesting. Add in the fact that for whatever reasons I didn't sleep well made it even worse. Towards the end of the week I wasn't even really talking to coworkers because I was so grumpy.

Weigh-in went EXCEPTIONALLY well this week considering I did not want to step on the scale this week. It felt like I had worked my butt off and hadn't anything to show for it. It seriously did not help that any scale I stepped on was broken or "possessed". I know any woman (on a diet or not) will say that if the scale gives her a number she doesn't like, but in my case it is true! My scale here at home was reading 280 (a 2 pound gain from last week) and the scale in the ladies locker room at the gym was saying a 6 pound gain!!! I was not happy. But I came in with a 12 pound loss!!! Whoo hoo! That's 20 pounds in two weeks!

As it turns out, I wasn't the only one having scale issues this week. Several of the gals in the competition had used the one in the ladies locker room with varying results. For one it looked like she had stayed the same and several others showed gains. I have also decided to throw out my scale here at home. When I got home Monday night I stepped on it to see what it said because I wanted to know how broken it was. It was saying I still weighed 280! I don't know if the battery needs replaced or if it just needs to be thrown out, but I am thinking of just throwing it out. It was a cheapy scale anyways.


This week has been rough on me in so many ways it feels like. For whatever reason work was much more stressful than normal. We were busier than normal, but not by much. I had a couple of late days, but no worse than it usually is. I think part of it might have been that I haven't slept well this past week. Between getting up early and attempting to go back to sleep, and body aches the quality of the sleep I am getting has suffered. My low back and hips are still sore and hurting, even with lots of stretching and some light yoga. I think I might try the foam rollers at the gym to see if that helps release some of the tension.

So with all this going on I just haven't been "feeling it" this week in regards to my fitness. Aside from yesterday (Saturday) I have been doing well with my eating and staying on track there, but I cannot convince myself to get to the gym. I did go swimming last night for about 30 minutes, but I was wanting to go for at least 45. At one point I stopped to rest at the end of a length, and the pool was over-run with kids and families. I thought it would be ok, but after getting hit with a noodle, a racquetball, and people letting their kick-boards float into my lane so that I run into them I was just kind of done. It was made worse by the fact I couldn't sit in the hot tub afterwards and relax. There were 10 or so people crowded into the thing. So I just said screw it, showered and went home.

All I have really wanted to do this week is hide from the world, which is my normal reaction when I get too stressed. I just want to curl up with a book or get lost in some stupid game and not have to think or deal with anything for a while. I don't really see when I will get the opportunity to either. Oh well, such is life right?

And with that I am going to go get dressed and drag my sorry rear to the gym. I do have a weigh-in tomorrow that I am worrying about. Same as last week I don't want to do it, and I am worried I will have a gain, and I could go on and on. I figure as long as I have a loss it is a good week.

I will hopefully post something more upbeat soon. Like I said, just not feeling it this week.

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