Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Long and Prosper

I hate that we only truly appreciate the beauty of someone's soul, their vision and talents only when they are gone. While I have always liked and admired Leonard Nimoy, I had no idea how talented he was outside of his acting. Poetry, music and especially photography were in his list of many other talents.

Leonard Nimoy has been an advocate for body acceptance for years. The Full Body Project (warning, link has nudity) he published in 2007 is a celebration of beautiful plus size women. Celebrating themselves, each other, and their perfectly imperfect bodies. It is beautiful.

I have never seen women who are even remotely close to my size/type in print before. Or at least not in a way that made them look as beautiful as they are. Leonard Nimoy captured it. It brought me to tears reading some of what he has said.

"...and I thought there’s something going on in the culture that’s happening here that I became conscious of, that women... There’s a gigantic industry built around telling women they all look wrong. You’ve got to buy these pills; you’ve got to go on a diet; you have to get this surgery; you have to do all these things to try to look more like the models who are wearing the clothes, and it’s a gigantic... It’s a cruel thing, I think." -Leonard Nimoy

It is. You don't need that diet. You don't need to fit society's definition of beautiful and sexy. You don't need to be skinny. You don't need to wait to start living your life. If you wait, look at how much passes you by!

You are beautiful.

You are sexy.

You are perfect as you are.

I am beautiful.

I am sexy.

I am perfect as I am. Right now. On this day. At this moment. And for everyday from now on.

While he was an amazing actor and Spock will live forever, I will remember Leonard Nimoy for being an advocate for body acceptance and truly seeing all the beauty. RIP Leonard Nimoy.