Sunday, September 11, 2016

Quiet Sunday

So it's been a little over a week with trying to get back on track, and overall it's been really good. I didn't work out at all Friday and Saturday, and it was nice to have a break. It was odd though because I was already missing it. I'm seeing some immediate results too. My clothes are starting to fit better. I lost 3 pounds this week at TOPS. I was really surprised too. I was fully expecting a pound or so gain. I usually do when I start lifting weights. Since I was expecting it, I wasn't worried about it. I figured I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it will show eventually. Because more than a number on the scale I'm having some other benefits as well.
  • I'm sleeping better - the length of time I'm sleeping, how deep I'm sleeping, and how restless I am not in the night (I'm not tossing and turning as much).
  • I have more energy during the day. I want to get up and take a break at work for a short walk
  • I'm more productive at work and I am having an easier time focusing on my tasks
  • My feet and ankles aren't as swollen
  • I don't hurt as much. My hips are still giving me issues, but that's the nature of having a desk job. My back is feeling better so definitely a big step in the right direction
  • I'm feeling more at peace with my body and comfortable in my skin. This makes me so damn happy it's unreal.
  • I feel calmer and happier
This is all just after a week and thinking off the top of my head. So it will be fun to see what the coming weeks bring.

Today was a nice quiet Sunday. I got together with a dear friend of mine to workout. We haven't seen each other much since she got a promotion at work and has been crazy busy. Needless to say we didn't do much working out, maybe 20 minutes. But we spent about 5 hours hanging out, catching up and nerding out. Marshall and I introduced her to Savage Worlds (a role-playing game similar to Dungeon and Dragons) and she had a blast. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out more soon, whether we game or not.

Other than that, just enjoyed the fall weather and some home made stew. Off to go read and relax.

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